Friday, July 9, 2010

Ron Mueck

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During the holidays we have been up to many things. We've gone on picnics, been to the beach and most recently we went to the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art to see the Ron Mueck exhibition.

Ron Mueck is an Australian-born, London based sculptor, who began his career working on the Australian children's television program Shirl's Neighbourhood as the creative director and creator of some of the puppets featured in the show. He later worked on the sets of other television programs, and then went on to establish his own company in London, making photo-realistic props and animatronics for the advertising industry. In search of perfection for his sculptors, Mueck made the transition into fine art, working with his mother-in-law Paula Rego to produce small figures for a tableau at the Hayward Gallery. This made an impression on many artists and his piece Dead Dad later featured in the Sensation show at the Royal Academy.

Mueck's sculptors focus on the fine detail of the human body, playing with scale to produce 'disconcertingly jarring visual images' (Wikipedia). Every detail of his sculptors are incredibly realistic, as you can see in my photo of his sculpture Two Women.

Look at the detail in the face. Amazing!

The exhibition featured twelve of Mueck's sculptures, including Dead DadA GirlWild ManWoman with SticksIn BedTwo WomenMan in a BoatOld Woman in BedDriftStill LifeMask II and Youth. 

Our school is taking us to see this exhibition soon and we have to write an analysis of the sculpture called "In Bed"

In Bed 

Old Woman in Bed

Mask II

Some of Mueck's sculptures were a bit graphic but they were still totally amazing. I will be interested to learn more about his work when I come back on my school excursion.

Well, I hope you liked Mueck's work as much as I do. I find his sculptures absolutely fantastic - they are so realistic! 

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James said...

He's a pretty amazing sculpter! Nice work on the blog!

Little Miss Pink said...

Wow that is amazing
look at all that deatail
i tell you now i would never be able to do that