Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Sweet Sunday Song

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Recently we went to the movies to see the latest Shrek movie, Shrek Forever After (you can read a review at my brother's blog) and, as always, we had to sit through an endless amount of advertisements. I was patiently waiting for the movie to start when a promotional add for Channel 7 came on. I immediately perked up when I heard the beautiful song used on the add. I later found out it is called Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap.

The Temper Trap is an alternative rock band from Melbourne, Australia, formed in 2005 and made up of Dougy Mandagi, Jonathon Aherne, Lorenzo Sillitto and Toby Dundas.

The group's debut album, Conditions, was released in Australia in June of 2009 and was ninth on the Australian ARIA Charts. From that album, multiple songs have been featured on television, movies and movie trailers. Sweet Disposition was featured in multiple shows and movies, including (500) days of Summer, Greek and Skins.

I absolutely love Sweet Disposition because it is inspirational and motivational and is generally a sweet song. I thought I'd share it with you so you could enjoy it as well, but also because it is called 'sweet disposition' and this title goes perfectly with my blog title! I hope you find it as sweet as I do!

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LindyLouMac said...

Just popped over from 5 Minutes For Me to share your Sunday Song. I have heard and enjoyed this on the radio here in Italy but did not know who sung it. Now I do thanks :)

I have just realised who you are, following in Mum's footsteps then! I am now your latest follower.

Natasha said...

You are right sweetie-this song is great. I might add this song to my playlist on my ipod!

Lots of love,

Angelica Moore said...

Your from Australia!
I luv Australia!

Angelica Moore said...

Your from Australia!
I love Australia!